Blues version of “You Are My Sunshine.”

1929 waltz by Dock Boggs, “Lost Love Blues.”

Elvis arranged the Carter Family song “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” This is the original version.

Reuben’s Train at Hill’s Café, 2017

Can’t Always Cry (Blaze Foley/Jon Hogan), Hill’s Café, 2017

Recording “Reuben’s Train” (Trad)

Recording “Fifty Miles of Elbow Room” (Carter Family)

Recording “Coo Coo” in Nashville (Trad)

“In Dreams I Go Back Home” (Jon Hogan) at the national Folk Alliance conference

Recording “Redwing” (Trad)

Live at the Murray Hotel: Tom Waits’ “God’s Away on Business”

Live at Poor David’s: “Dig and Dine” (Jon Hogan)

Recording “Lonesome Over You” (Carter Family)