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CD - In Dreams I Go Back Home

The new CD by Hogan & Moss. Original songs. more

Jon Hogan and Maria Moss played more than 220 shows in 2016. Hogan & Moss is projected to play more than 300 shows in 2017.

Hogan & Moss have been touring in the Western U.S., Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands this past year, and would like to come to your town.

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Hogan & Moss play scorch folk: Original songs with old souls, the Carter Family canon, Appalachian trad, Delta soul, Gypsy swing and gospel blues, delivered with passion, speed and drive.

Part folk-punk, part 1930s vintage valentine, it snaps with mad harmonies, Mother Maybelle-style picking, yodeling, scat, upright bass and an archtop-guitar rhythm chop that’s like a driving wheel.

It’s early country, Old Weird America, cockeyed covers of Tom Waits, Amy Winehouse and Townes Van Zandt, and a blend of old-time and original songs that’s uplifting and dark, modal, modern, and haunting.

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Their shows range from high-energy full-band dance celebrations to house-concert duo and trio performances with upright bass.
Some shows are dedicated entirely to the Carter Family songbook, and some to their own original music.
They also play private events and give talks and presentations on the enduring beauty and power of the music of the Carter Family and other old-time artists at colleges, libraries and schools.
“Exhilarating, heartbreaking, wild, epic, microcosmic, toe-tapping, head-nodding, gut busting, soul searching…They made us live an extra year of our lives in a couple of hours.” Navasota Current

“Authentic music….the song as timeless narrative device.” Houston Chronicle

“…mixes Hogan’s originals with vintage tunes like “Mill Room Blues” and “Coo Coo” about as seamlessly as even Gillian Welch & David Rawlings could.” Houston Press

“….strumming maniacs, possessed by old-time music. It’s as though if you touched them they might electrocute you.” Missoula Independent

“A first-rate show.” No Depression